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You want your car to maintain that cool refreshing temperature even throughout the hot, sticky days of summer. When your air conditioner begins to blow hot air or fails completely, we can help. Bring your car in for repairs as soon as you notice a problem and our team will be able to help you right away. With our help you can enjoy the cool air from your AC all summer long.

Air Conditioner service and repair

We offer top quality products and services.

- Replacement

- Repairs

- Recharges

- Blower repairs

-Recharge only $39.95 + tax


Get the best service for your A/C

Ed's Complete Auto Repair brings you the best in auto service and repair. With over 50 years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide service you can rely on. We use top quality products and equipment to give you the best repairs money can buy.

Repairs you can trust

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